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For a successful residential inter-state move you need to hire a reputable company you can trust. US 
Movers is American owned and licenced - servicing thousands of interstate moves since 2010. We are 
equiped with top class moving teams to handle any size moves regardless of Distance. 

Our Interstate Moving Services

You can trust US Movers to provide you access to the best interstate moving companies servicing your area. 
We only use licensed and insured moving teams you can trust in order to move your belongings 
safely, quickly, and securely. 

Don’t ever settle for less when US Movers will provide you white-glove service from the most reputable and trusted moving companies in the United States at the best prices in the industry!

Long Distance Movers

If you’re moving interstate, we’ll connect you with the most reliable long distance movers around. We’ll send professional packers to your door to provide you with excellent packing. Your most valuable and fragile possessions will be safe in the hands of the packing companies we hire. 

Compare our movers with anyone else in the industry and you’ll find that our guys are second to none. Not only will they give you excellent service, but they’ll do it for a price that’ll never be beat!

Cross Country Moving Companies

Finding quality, affordable cross country moving companies isn’t always an easy task. Moving is difficult anyway, but when you’re moving from one state to another you need the best moving help you can find. 

No matter where you’re going, we’re your moving home and we’ll set you up with the best movers around! We’ve been dealing with interstate moves for nearly twenty years, and our reputation for providing our customers with the best moving companies in any area speaks for itself.

Free Online Moving Quotes

Knowing what you may spend on moving can be very helpful as you sort out the details related to your move. That’s why, at US Movers, we offer free online moving quotes so that you can get an idea as to what you may be getting yourself into. 

If you want low cost movers that will give you an online moving quote based on a number of factors, then we’re the place to check out first. Our prices are lower than all other moving companies quotes you will get for your cross country move!
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