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What is Self Service Moving?

what is self service moving? Self service moving is a type of moving service that allows movers to be responsible for their own packing.

Billing for intestate move is usually based on the whole distance that you will be required to travel on the actual day of travelling. In other instances, billing is determined on the total weight and size of all your items.

Normally, the agents of the moving company will provide you with an estimator or consultant who will visit your home and assess your moving needs before proceeding to inform you of the charges that you will be required to pay towards the moving services.

The consultants and moving agents will also provide you with moving quotes that have information on the types of services that they offer, the total value of your items together with physical address. The purpose of the physical address will be to enable you to reach the company when in need of any service from the company.

The moving company will then proceed to issue you a predetermined price that you will be required to pay for your shipment. This writing will usually be included in the contract that you will have entered into with the company that you will be hiring from.

The contract will contain terms of the contract together with the rules and regulations that govern it. You will be required to sign the contract in order to certify that you are willing to be bound by the terms of the contract.

After signing the moving contract, the company will conduct a pre-move survey. The survey will involve surveyors visiting your home and carrying out assessments of all your needs and requirements. The surveyors will also weigh all the items that you will be moving on the actual date of moving.

Once the surveyors have successfully determined this in your home, they will then dispatch a moving truck to your home to assist you with the moving process. Payment for the packing will be based on the number of hours that the movers will use to assist you to pack.

Therefore, there will be need for you to assemble all your items several days prior to the day of moving in order to save on the amount of costs. During the self service moving process, the agents of the company will then gather all your items and wrap them in appropriate packing supplies in readiness for the move.

The moving agents will then take an inventory of all your items and record them in appropriate books. You will then be offered with a copy of the records containing all the necessary details. You will be required to keep this with you as the records will also act as evidence in the event of a claim later on.

The final step will be the shipment process. All your items will be securely placed in the moving truck. If there are perishable or delicate items among the ones that you will be shipping, they will be placed in special compartments and refrigeration facilities to prevent them from getting spoilt.

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