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Packing Tips

Moving takes more time than most people think and with these packing tips, you can make the packing process effective and efficient. The first tip is to give yourself a lot of time. The ideal time is 6 weeks before the moving day, but it all depends on specific circumstances.

Deciding what you will move with to your new home and what you will leave behind is a major decision when moving. It is advisable to move with as few items as possible. These have some advantages such as lowering the moving costs. You also need to get a fresh start when you move and moving with old things will not help in this. The options available are to sell the good items on such forums as eBay and amazon.com and to do a garage sale of the rest. Whatever is left behind can always be given to charity or thrown away.

The next step in the packing process should be to collect supplies. These supplies are such things as cartons, tape and labels. This should be done before the moving day because some of the supplies such as the cartons can be in low supply, especially in the moving season such as summer and end and beginning of the month. The boxes or cartons can be collected from the place of work, from friends and family or from retail stores. Another option is to purchase the cartons from online and offline moving companies. With the retail stores and the offline moving companies, if you get more supplies than you need, you can always return them for a refund.

It is important to pack essential things separately. This will prevent the need for haphazard unpacking as you search for essential things such as clothes, passports, driving license, etc. The unpacking process can take many days depending on the number of boxes. You do not want to have the blankets at the bottom of the pile if you are moving during the winter season.
In the packing process, you should therefore start by packing items that you can do without. These will be at the bottom of the boxes and so you can do the unpacking at your own pace. This brings out one of the biggest advantage of doing the packing yourself instead of using professional packers.

Clothes will occupy most of your packing space and so it is important to know the most efficient way to pack them. Folding the clothes neatly as it is done in a dresser is not a good option because it leads to creases. For clothes and other lightweight items such as pillows, comforters and blankets, you should use wardrobe boxes. Most movers provide these wardrobe boxes and you should call them before the moving day.

An important tip is to designate a different color for each room in the new home and to apply colored stickers on the boxes corresponding to the room they are to go to. This way, the movers will have an easy time and you will have an easy time unpacking.

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