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10 Moving Tips When You're Moving Your Home

There are many moving tips when you are moving your home – this will prevent last minute rush which can be very expensive. Most moving companies charge by the hour and so rushing on the moving day will lead to extra expenses. Rushing will also make you forget some things and it may lead to breakages of some things.

Do research
A lot of research is needed if the moving process is going to be successful. Research should be done on the moving companies, the new home and neighborhood, the best time to move, etc. The advances in technology make it easy to do all the research cheaply and conveniently online.

Make a moving list
Before the moving day arrives, you should make a moving list. The list can be a simple computer-based record keeping system or it can be a normal list. The list should indicate all the things that should be done before the moving day and you should tick once a step has been carried out. These can be hiring the moving company, getting storage space, hiring packers, etc.

Get many boxes and other supplies
The moving process uses up many boxes and other packaging materials. These should be purchased before the moving day and they can be bought either from local retailers or from the moving company. If not all boxes and supplies are used in the moving process, they can always be returned for a refund. These supplies include tapes to secure the boxes, labels to indicate the contents, etc. Note that you should use unprinted newsprints or bubble wrap because newspapers can stain the items.

Use wardrobe boxes
For bulky, lightweight items such as pillows, comforters, clothes and blankets, you should use wardrobe boxes. Most moving companies provide these and you should call them before the moving day.

Coordinate color
You should designate a different color for each room in the new home and apply colored stickers on the boxes corresponding to the room they are going into. This way, the movers will have an easy time and so will those doing the unpacking in the new home.

Keep everything together
You should insist that the moving company keep everything together. This will prevent confusion during unpacking and it will prevent cases of theft.

Pack before the move
It is very important to pack before the actual moving day. This prevents the need to rush during the moving day and other problems such as breakages and leaving some things behind.

Use the luggage
You should use the luggage and duffle bags to pack items that will be used in the first day in the new home. This is to avoid having to unpack haphazardly because the unpacking process can take many hours, even days.

Safeguard valued items and papers
Valuable items and papers should not be left in the hands of the moving company. These include collections, antiques, and documents that are necessary for the insurance process incase there is damage to items.

Tell others you are leaving
Many people forget to tell their neighbors and relatives that they are moving until the moving day. The day is usually hectic and so this should be done some weeks before.

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